After three weeks of bad calls and broken hearts, the regular NFL officials are back, beginning with tonight's Baltimore-Cleveland game. I think the one who lost the most in this case (other than the fans) was commissioner Roger Goodell. He can deny all he wants, but one of the biggest reasons a deal got done late Wednesday night was because of the end of the Monday night game, which we discussed at length in #loweclass Tuesday.

Picture this: your boss releases a statement saying you made the right decision and he stands by you but then the very next day, he fires you. I just don't know how Goodell gets off like that. If you think the timing of the deal getting done was a coincidence, you need to get yourself checked out. But I digress. It's over and done with. We can go back to yelling at the regular refs now.

As news of an accepted deal was unfolding Wednesday, I thought about what the talks between the league and its officials were like. I'm sure both sides compromised on some things, but they had to make a deal. I think the NFL did the right thing by having regular officials on the Ravens-Browns game because if they didn't, they would be put at a competitive disadvantage.

After not being able to stay objective during class on Tuesday, I've made peace with the fact that the replacement officials did the best they could, but they were wrong and made the wrong call. It happens. I think we can all be thankful

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