On Wednesday, #loweclass attended a lecture featuring Milwaukee Brewers Assistant General Manager Gord Ash, Milwaukee Bucks GM John Hammond and Brewers PR Manager John Steinmiller. The lecture was moderated by OnMilwaukee's Jeff Sherman.

One of the first things mentioned by Ash was to "Do what you love, but realize you probably won't be able to do it right away. I thought this was a good barometer of how difficult it is to break through right away in sports. I've always wanted to work in sports and have known how difficult it is to be in the position but you want, so it's good to know not to expect the world when I graduate.

Having these three men in the same room talking about what it takes to make it in sports was a very valuable experience for me. Getting a foot in the door is another important part of getting a job in sports. There are a limited amount of sports reporting internships available, at least for the past few years, but working on the PR side is something I've considered. I like the ability to give my own thoughts in reporting, but being a part of the sports world is important to me nonetheless.

Having a backup plan was another important bit of information the panelists suggested and one I think is crucial to looking for a successful start to your writing career. That's why I took internships with publications that weren't for sports, even though it wasn't my first choice. Having the experience of jobs and resume-builders outside the sports world as well as being the sports editor for the Tribune should benefit me in the long run.Twi

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