I was very impressed and borderline shocked when I saw the front page of Yahoo! Sports this afternoon. I thought for sure that Tim Tebow saying he was "sad" his teammates were criticizing him would be front and dominant on Yahoo! but it actually took third place to an MMA story.

I'm not a UFC fan by any means, but I will say I read about it once in awhile and knew who "GSP" was without having to look at the article. Props to Yahoo! for taking a chance like that.

Some of the other big storylines in sports today and over the last few days has been the proposed blockbuster trade involving the Miami Marlins and Toronto Bluejays, so I wasn't surprised to see a blog about that on the front page. Additionally, the NL and AL MVP's are announced tonight, so a story on that was expected as well.

One thing I was a little surprised not to see is some sort of Laker coverage. I know that everyone has an opinion on the firing of Mike Brown and subsequent hiring of Mike D'Antoni, but maybe because it happened a week ago, Yahoo! is sick of talking about it. I sure hope so.

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