Being from the area, I've had the privilege to read a lot of Don Walker's work at the Journal Sentinel throughout the years and have always admired his work. I know that he writes more about politics and urban affairs and I have been at political speakers where he has moderated, but his insightful work with sports cannot go unnoticed.

He broke the news of the BMO Harris' acquisition of the naming rights for the Bradley Center. He also tweets about sports, which makes him OK with me.

As for the content of his Business of Sports blog, I can honestly say I've read just about all of his posts because it provides information most people don't see. A lot of sports writing is content people know or can access easily. I believe his post was the first place I saw the infamous Aaron Rodgers "Discount Double Check" ads and he keeps up with new ads that come out like Greg Jennings' Old Spice and Jordy Nelson's Department of Tourism ad (not sure that one will get the fanfare of A-Rod, but I digress).

Mr. Walker's ability to balance political and urban affair coverage with sports is one that I haven't seen much when I look at other newspapers around the country. He speaks during out class tomorrow and I will be interested to see what he thinks the JS and other newspapers have in store for the future.

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