I signed up for advanced sports reporting because I took a different sports reporting class last semester and wanted to see what this one would be like. I have wanted to be a sports reporter since I was in middle school and hope to live out my dream for the first few years of my professional career.

I have several favorite teams in different sports, but my favorite team by far is the Green Bay Packers.
I am also a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs, but also like the Milwaukee Brewers. As for college sports, I am a Marquette fan but have attempted to distance myself from that because I cover some of the sports for the Marquette Tribune. I am also a Wisconsin Badgers football fan as well as a USC football fan. In addition to being a #mubb fan, I also like Duke basketball.

I get a lot of questions about why I'm a Cubs fan even though I'm from Wisconsin. The best answer I can give is my first sports memory came when I was five years old at Wrigley Field. It was the first baseball game I remember going to and I fell in love with the place. I was a bit of a closet Cubs fan throughout high school but am not ashamed to admit I travel to Wrigley as much as I possibly can despite their pathetic record the past two years.

My favorite highlight in my sports journalism career thus far was going to New York and Phoenix to cover Marquette last spring. Spending six days in New York and Phoenix gave me a sense of what it was like to cover a team as a professional. The travel was exhausting, but the experience I gained was invaluable.
Disgruntled classmate
8/29/2012 09:32:44 pm

wasn't that sports reporting class you took before just full of valuable information? NOT


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    I am a senior journalism major and political science minor in the Diederich College of Communications at Marquette University in Milwaukee. I work as the sports editor for the Marquette Tribune and interned with the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa the past summer.


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