An example of Yahoo! Sports' injury/transaction list.
I'll admit it. I'm an ESPN guy. As much as I think the entire enterprise has gotten too big for itself, ESPN.com is still my homepage and where I get the majority of my sports news and I still watch SportsCenter every day. I feel ESPN has the best writers for the sports I like to read about and do the best job writing about issues that matter.

Having said all that, I was intrigued to try out a new site for my sports news. As I mentioned in class, I find Pat Forde to be a fantastic sports writer. Yes, he's a columnist, but I'm not going to hold that against him. Forde used to work for ESPN, but as we've seen with a lot of writers and reporters over the last few years, he moved on to greener pastures last October. Other examples here, here and here.

Each week during the college football season, Forde publishes his "Forde Yard Dash," where he picks a theme and writes about 40 or so different teams, players, coaches, mascots, etc. from the college football landscape that previous week. This week's Dash is another example of what separates Forde from other talented columnists around the country.

College football was the biggest topic in sports last weekend, with the U.S. Open in tennis and the Deutsche Bank Championship in golf not far behind. I think Yahoo! did a decent job covering the weekend but it simply doesn't have the amount of writers who can break each game down like ESPN. The premiere sports information site has one, sometimes two blog writers for each BCS conference who focus solely on the games in their conferences each week. Tough to beat that.

One thing I found interesting while perusing the site was the section of the NFL mini site with the day's transactions. Call me a nerd, but I like seeing who got cut, placed on injured reserve or the practice squad, no matter how irrelevant that player may be. I don't see that anywhere on ESPN or any other sports site I look at.

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