Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel, who is one of the most respected writers in all of sports, had a swift and blunt statement to those who keep complaining about the NFL replacement officials: get over it. Wetzel's column appeared Monday morning on Yahoo!'s web site and also recommended commissioner Roger Goodell "do something" about the continued presence of the officials.

I found Wetzel's column to be informative and insightful about a view that hasn't been shared much among those in the media. Just about every sports site I could find had negative things to say about the replacement officials. Not that Wetzel wasn't: He fully believes the regular officials are needed to preserve the integrity of the game.

Wetzel discussed the end of the Baltimore-New England game when Patriots' coach Bill Belichick chased down officials after the winning field goal by Ravens' kicker Justin Tucker barely went through. For the record, the officials got the call right and once the game is over, they don't need to answer to coaches. Belichick deserves a fine and possibly a suspension, especially after a memo sent by the league specifically said players and coaches needed to stop their demonstrative behavior towards judgment calls.

There is no easy solution to this. Both parties want more money, the officials want a bigger pension. When money is involved, it almost always ends bad. There was a lockout in the NHL that cost fans the entire season. The NBA didn't start until December this year. The NFL was almost locked out last year. One thing is certain: the integrity of the game is being compromised with these rep

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